Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vintage photos of The Mouse House

Recently, my next door neighbor, Gita Larson, found these wonderful pictures of The Mouse House grounds in some of her deceased uncle's photos. She was kind enough to allow me to scan and post these photographs. Her uncle, Ed Sampson, grew up in the house next door and the house has remained in their family since it was built (Ca 1908).

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The picture above shows Gita and her brother, Jarry Richardson, taken around 1949. Gita's mother married the Reverend Jarrett Wood Henry Richardson, Jr. The couple was appointed Baptist missionaries to Nigeria. Thus, Gita grew up in Africa but also here in Columbia, next door. Ed Samson never married. When he died, Gita moved into the house. Earlier this year, her father passed away too. Still, extended family comes to visit often. The house is still the "family house". In the background of the photo above is the front of the current The Mouse House with the original columns and a small upstairs baloncy. Presently, the area inside the balcony is our master bathroom. The pecan tree in this picture is still here and a lot bigger.

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This picture was taken in the back yard of Gita's house (ca 1949). The current Mouse House appears in the background. Note the stairs and awning covering the back door that does not exist anymore. I believe this area was closed off when the house was renovated in 1988-90.

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This picture was taken on December 26, 1957. It shows Gita's house and the current Mouse House. Gita is still searching for more photos of the neighborhood and has promised to share them with me.