Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Pictures from England

Susan has safely arrived in Minnesota and is in her second day of "school" at the Split Rock Arts Program at the University of Minnesota. She returns on Saturday. Instead of painting I decided to clean out the attic of old Mouse House records, throw out old cans of various paints that have been stored under the downstairs sink, and creating small frames with mouldings that have been collecting dust in the garage since before the downsizing of the business, which, by the way, began 8 years ago today (Bastille Day!). Happy anniversary to us and especially to Susan! I have also decided to give the Mouse House a thorough cleaning. The downstairs gallery will be painted in September when Susan leaves for Vienna. Mathias leaves for Japan today for 12 days to guest dance with one of his "mates" at BRB. Dusty Button, the other SC connection at BRB, is also joining them. We also had an "Alex sighting" last Friday when Erica and Alex came over to the house to retrieve his air-compressor and attachments for a project he is involved in at CMFA next month. He had a chance to see the pictures of Mathias and LJ as a pirate and gypsy, respectively, which were taken in England. Susan and Alex did not talk much, mainly because Alex will not talk to his mom, but it was nice to know that he is alive and appears healthy but unemployed

Below are several pictures that I took on our last trip to England. Please click on these to see them larger. I think I'm getting better. Enjoy.

Here is Susan in all her glory posing on the pedestrian bridge that links Salford Quays with Trafford. It is a short 10-15 minute walk to Old Trafford where Manchester United plays their football. The bridge actually goes up when large ships enter this area via the Manchester Ship Canal. You can catch a cruise from Salford Quays (pronounced "keys") to Liverpool through this ship canal.

Susan is sitting on an outdoor art installation that celebrates the historical importance of Manchester and Salford Quays as a shipping mecca.

Susan is now posing with a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers that she picked during out stroll to Old Trafford. I hope it was not illegal!!

This picture is another view of the pedestrian bridge. The tall building on the left is where our rental apartment was located. The place could not be more convenient to The Lowry where BRB performed. If anyone ever goes to Salford Quays or to Old Traffford to see ManU play, this is a great option to stay; but book early. A link to the website that I used to secure this apartment can be found by clicking here.

This is a photograph of part of the Roman Wall that surrounds the city of Chester. Chester is unbelievably charming and has wonderful architecture. Susan has other pictures of Chester on the family blog, but I do not know if she has this shot.

Here is a typical shot of the shopping district in the walled area of Chester

Here we have Susan taking a grave rubbing from an old tombstone dated ca 1680. She writes in detail about our visit to Eccles and their charming Norman church on the Family blog.

Here is an interior shot of St Mary's Church in Eccles. Not a bad photograph.