Monday, August 16, 2010

An overdue post

A photo of Max, our new shop cat (click to enlarge)

The summer has flown by with amazing speed. We are still muddling along through the bad economic climate and making a living. Exciting things are on the horizon for Susan and her art work. Hopefully she is on a plane heading back to SC from a week-long family reunion in Udvari, Hungary with her parents, sister Wanda, and many other old family friends. Her father was born and raised in this city and his family members were deported (along with all the other Hungarian Germans) by the Russians to East Germany after the end of World War II. She has been out of contact with me and her cyber friends for a week and I expect her to report about her trip in detail on her blogs. She has a new website (click here), a show in Florence, SC, and the real big show in Charleston opening in September. All the details can be found on her blogs and website.

The Mouse House also has a new shop cat, Max, "King of Park Street". He is jointly owned by Jerry Finney, our next-door neighbor and defense attorney, and us (although he really lives here and is MINE). Max loves people and trills like a "Tribble" in the classic Star Trek TV show. Max chases "Shadow" around the house but is smart enough to stay away from "Sissy", our rescue cat, who hides during the day and sleeps between Susan and me at night. Sissy lived a miserable 9 months in the wild and was probably tortured by its former owner. She is actually sweet, but is afraid of everything. More and better pictures will be posted later.

This is a rare picture of Max and Sissy actually sleeping on the same couch upstairs. We were experiencing a pretty sever thunderstorm at the time and I think they had a truce during the storm. They have not sat together since!

On a final note, I am going to break down and finally get a Facebook account. The Mouse House will be going social. I'll let everyone know when Susan creates my account. I might even "twitter"!!