Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If you can't beat them....

I was hoping to post some of my recent pictures from my trip to Plymouth and Cardiff, UK with Susan, but alas, they were lost when our hard drive in our computer blew up on November 6. Luckily for us we had backed up nearly everything else the Monday before because of a strange error message from the computer. Our computer Guru, Ben, told me this was probably a message warning us that the hard drive was bad (that is an understatement!). I thought we were having an electrical fire downstairs without the flames because of that unmistakable smell from the computer. I had just corrected my pictures the day before and erased the camera disk. I had not had a chance to put them on our external hard drive. Oh well... Susan has some nice pictures on her family blog for everyone to see. Since I lost my pictures and videos of the Eddystone Lighthouse, I will not bore you with the many links I found of the song "Eddystone Light". My favorite is the version by The Brother's Four which I have on vinyl, and I sung to Susan, much to her dismay, at the top of the lighthouse. Both of our boys were tortured by me and my love of folk music when they were little.

Last Friday and Saturday Terrace Oaks Antique Mall celebrated their 22ND anniversary. Every year the mall's owner, Camille, waives her commission charge for all sales by dealers during this two day sale and encourages all dealers to have great sales. It is a very generous thing that she does (since she loses income), and the shopping public also likes the great deals that they can get. We sold at least 4 large pictures (including two signed Elizabeth O'Neill Verner reproduction etchings) during the sale at 20% off their original price.

Sales cause a dilemma with our pricing structure. We have always priced our prints and mirrors and framed items at what we want to net. We have never really believed in sales because we always thought the general public would realize that our prices were fair to begin with. Unfortunately the times have changed because it seems that everyone everywhere expects a markdown or discount when one goes shopping. "You should never have to pay full price for anything" seems to be the philosophy of today's shopper. Even Camille has been encouraging dealers to have another sale during the "Black Friday" weekend after Thanksgiving. I know that the best solution is to price up and mark down to give the illusion that the shopper is getting a bargain. This has always been the S.O.P for antique dealers, car salespeople, real estate agents, etc. I just hate to play the game! I will resist as long as I can.

In the meantime, we have framed over 40 coloured antique bird prints from Bree's A History of the Birds of Europe, 1863, in four different moulding styles and are priced at a non-inflated price of $49.00 each. Discounts are available for quantity purchases only! They will be available at Terrace Oaks Mall next weekend and at The Mouse House now. They look great. I will probably be open next Friday and will pay the sales tax on all purchases made at The Mouse House.