Monday, May 30, 2011

Life after Terrace Oaks

We moved out of Terrace Oaks Antique Mall in Charleston as scheduled. We had rented a small Ryder Truck for the move. I originally thought we could move everything out with a cargo van, but Susan refused to listen to me. She teased me the whole day as we filled the truck up with all our merchandise! There was little fanfare; just a few comments wishing us luck in our new endeavors! We never felt that we were special, and that is probably a good thing and done intentionally by the management. It alleviated any charges of favoritism in the mall. I don't think our work was ever really appreciated in the mall in the last months. Susan and I will not miss the trips to Charleston. We still have some fine pieces on consignment at Merrill Benfield Interiors at 28 Hassel Street in downtown Charleston; we'll see how long this will last. In the meantime, we have some great merchandise for sale. To name a few items, there is a nice selection of framed antique birds from Bree, History of the Birds in Europe, 1863; framed 19Th century botanicals from Curtis and others, and other mirrors and framed antiquarian prints. For anyone mentioning that they read about this sale on my blog from now through June, I will give 20% off on all framed prints, mirrors, and loose prints. Selected original artwork by Susan Lenz will also have this discount.

One of Susan's art installations has also been installed at The Mouse House. The doors contain many framed keys that have been shown in Charleston, Salisbury, NC and at her studio. These make wonderful gifts and I encourage all to come over and see this wonderful installation.

Below is a picture of my beloved dumb cat, Shadow, in all her glory!