Friday, April 5, 2019

Phone woes continue but wll be solved

The Mouse House business phone went dead on Tuesday April 2 with a repair not guaranteed until Saturday the 6TH. On Wednesday it miraculously started working again and worked all day Thursday. The powers to be must have found out that I made the call to convert the number to a cell phone which will be active by next Monday. Yesterday the new phone arrived and can be used to call out but not to receive incoming calls. The Mouse House number will not be ported to the new phone until midnight the 8TH. Today is Friday and the land line has decided to go on strike for one last irritant to my psyche.

So...please call my cell number (803-360-3035) if you need anything from the Mouse House. Thank you for your patience. I will have normal business hours today and will be open from 10-2 on Saturday.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Business phone woes from The Mouse House

I have not posted anything in the blog for over two years. I really need to do this more frequently. That being said, I must report that the Mouse House business line is down again for the final time. I have a landline that is linked to my ATT Uverse line but serviced by another company which will remain anonymous for now. Anytime the line has problems it takes days to fixed, and the technicians are subcontracted out to ATT! On this occasion they said that they could guarantee a service technician will visit Mouse House by 12:00 Saturday!

Since my Uverse and internet are working properly, they cannot come out and service my phone separately. I could have linked the phone number to my Uverse account, but I would have to convert that account into a business account and pay more money.

After today's failure of my business line, I have taken the long overdue solution of converting the business line to a wireless account with a new cellphone and same number. On Thursday the new phone arrives and hopefully my business line has been released from its former owner to Verizon. I have an additional 800 number to call to speed up the process.

So, if anyone needs to reach me, please call my cell phone at 803-360-3035

I am still open regular business hours while Susan is away at an artist residency in Missouri. I will be open this coming Saturday, April 6 during Open Studios. We could not officially participate because of Susan's absence.