Saturday, March 13, 2010

Books moving to Terrace Oaks Mall

Our participation in the South Carolina book festival at the Carolina Coliseum proved to successful and enjoyable. The move-in and move-out was easy, and the events hosted by the book festival staff were excellent. Our first venture with the book festival in 2008 occurred within one week of Alex's departure from our home, and thus the event was filled with depression and sadness. Susan kept her mind and hands occupied by wrapping rusty nails with thread, much to the amusement of the visitors to our booth. These nails have found their place in several art installation and pieces and have been accepted into a number of national juried art shows. Pictures of her nails and related art pieces can be found on her blog. By the way she wrapped more nails this time (cool rusty square-head nails purchased at Bill Mishoe's auction) and generated the same curious looks from bystanders and book dealers alike.

The main difference between the book festival two years ago and the last one (excluding the emotional trauma) was the merchandise that I brought. Two years ago I only brought antiquarian prints and Susan's altered books. This time I actually brought books and only a few antiquarian prints, as well as many nice 19Th century plate books from my collection. Susan was one of the featured artists at the festival and again brought new altered books. Since she let people touch and examine them, they became a hit at the festival. Most of the books were on gardening, music and art; these books had been purchased from shelf-lot book auctions in Falls Church, VA at great prices. Accordingly my prices were very reasonable, and I sold enough to nearly break even for the weekend. I probably could have sold more if I made it more obvious that most of the books were priced as low as $1.00. These sales also have justified my trips to the DC area, and I am looking forward to upcoming shelf-lot auctions as great deals can be found. I also sold several nice plate books at the show and several more after the show, and thus the show actually became financially successful. I have noted in my last post of the books that sold and if anyone is interested in the others, just let me know.

Beginning next Thursday I will be bringing to Terrace Oaks Mall in Charleston all remaining books that did not sell (plate books, however, will remain in Columbia). I hope that they sell so I can continue to shop and buy bargain books. Please check the out the next time you are in Charleston.