Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Alive and well

The end of July was to bring some interesting changes at Mouse House.  They have been temporarily postponed by the Head Mouse because of her recent purchase (Thank you Henry and Linda!).

Susan's new Tiara

We are still operating as usual but in the next few weeks a scale back in custom framing will ultimately occur.  Why?  Susan was accepted into both The Washington Craft Show (November 1-3) and the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show (November 6-10).  We will be selling her fabulous Stain-glass and InBox fiber pieces at two of the most prestigious fine craft shows in the US.  She has been busy creating work for the shows, but because of good gallery sales, many of her pieces have been promised out.  She will need more time to create work as we must take two full booths of artwork to the shows.  We are very excited and scared about these shows, as they are strictly retail and if we don't sell we don't eat!

 Our first craft show in February, The Buyers Market of American Craft in Philadelphia was wholesale and although it was more successful that we expected,  we both agreed that wholesale only was not for us. She applied for the above  shows in April.  She expected to be rejected by one or both venues, but to our surprise she was accepted into both of them.  This speaks wonders for Susan's amazing artistic talents.

We will be on the road for the first two weeks in November and during the next months she will be crazy busy creating art and myself (as her new artist assistant and lab rat) will be at her beckon call.  She promised me a few days off in October to visit Mathias in the UK if he dances the "Prince" in The Sleeping Beauty.  Susan leaves for the UK next Tuesday for The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, where she has a quilt in a SAQA show and will actually have some real mother-son time (they are not performing until late September).  She is also working on a solo show in November with completely different work.  So... we are going to be very busy and a framing sabbatical may occur.  We will keep you posted (at least she will in her blogs).

By Friday I'll know if I am going to consign more prints to Quinn's Auction next week when Susan is in the UK.  If I go I plan on bringing my bike for more riding on the bike trails in Va/DC.  I rode from Purcellville to Herndon (27 miles) on the Washington & Old Dominion bike trail two weeks ago when we were at the Sacred Threads quilt show , and I hope to ride into DC from a local VA hotel on this trip.  Sorry Wanda but unfortunately I did not take any pictures.  This time I will.

Self-portrait at Kew Gardens, London, UK in March, 2013