Monday, January 2, 2012

Chocolate Mice

Although this blog is really "Steve's blog" ... sometimes I have to post on it because some of the pictures I've taken just belong here! Such is this post.

We received two chocolate mice this Christmas. They were made by one of my youngest sister Sonya's talented friends. Steve really, really wanted to eat these Hershey kisses/chocolate-dipped-cherry mice. I saved them from this intended fate. I knew I wanted to find some special, permanent space for them at Mouse House. Today, I took them all over the shop for photo ops ... and to determine exactly where they should stay on display.

Although they look really, really cute on the Mouse House sign on the porch. I decided they'd probably get eaten by some of the homeless people who sometimes stumble through the neighborhood.

I considered gluing them to the sign on the door ... since I already had to glue the almond slivers back onto their heads ... which assures that Steve isn't going to eat them.

They looked really cute in the container of business cards ... but it might make it difficult for clients to get the cards ... or they could get further damaged in the process.

They could bring attention to my matted and shrink-wrapped artwork ... but they'd probably get knocked off when people browse through the images.

I'm sure they would have liked staying with Mickey and helping with the credit card machine ... but there's too much motion in this area ... another source of possible danger.

I know these chocolate mice would gladly assist in showing off some of my other art in the "gallery" ... but they also just might upstage it.

They seemed perfectly happy beside the computer mouse ... but too few people would see them there.

Steve's work room for assembling custom picture framing was out of the question. Steve might be tempted to eat them (glued ears and all) or they might accidentally get hammered.

The mice could help show off moulding samples or sell mirrors ... but, again, a precarious situation.

They'd melt with the heat from the VacuSeal.

Although I'm sure they'd add a touch of joy for the people whose framing bills are stored in the files, this didn't seem to be a good place either.

My new "home studio" was interesting ... and obviously as dangerous as Steve's room ... please note another hammer!

They almost sat on the top of one of my "In Box" series pieces ... but one fell off and now has a crushed ear.

So, in the end, they've found a home on the mantel in the "sales room" where everyone can see them ... along with the photos of Mathias and Alex. I think they look just like Steve and me ... the two Mouse House mice!
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