Monday, June 15, 2020


 (Above: Susan holding two pieces in one of her new series:  Laundry Day.)

2020 started off really well. Susan was in Springfield, Illinois for a month enjoying an art residency with the Enos Park program.  While there, she started a new installation called The Clothesline.  This work spun off in several directions, including a series of fifty works called Laundry Day.  The works are matted and in clear plastic bags at just $65.  Susan is still accepting donations of vintage household linens to continue growing the The Clothesline installation.  She is also looking for wedding gowns for a 2021 installation marking Steve and her 40th anniversary!

(Above:  New work!  Several pieces in Susan's Nike's Advice series and Tessera series.)

Shortly after Susan returned from Illinois, COVID-19 shutdowns were put into place.  Busy March and April plans were canceled of postponed. Later May and June's calendar pages were cleared. More importantly, Mouse House was deemed "non-essential" and forced to close for weeks on end.  Susan's only solace was studio time.  Lots and lots of new work resulted and is still in production ... including pieces in her Nike's Advice series and in a new series called Tessera.  Prices for work depicted in the image above start at only $95.

(Above:  Capital on Blue and Capital on Gold leaning against The Wall of Keys. 32" x 26". Paint on unprimed canvas with self-guided, free-motion stitching and UV epoxy.  Each pieces is mounted to white-painted stretcher bars using galvanized roofing nails.  $900 each.)

Well, Mouse House was finally allowed to re-open.  We are practicing social distancing and regularly disinfecting the doorbell, doorknob, and other surfaces with which most people come into contact.  Come on by for picture framing and/or to see Susan's artwork.  Our hours are weekdays from 9:30 - 5:00 and most Saturdays from 10 - 2.  If you need to reach us, our telephone number is 803-254-0842.  We are looking forward to serving you!

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