Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Biking Adventure

Entrance to Mount Vernon, home of George Washington (click on image to enlarge)

Last Thursday Susan and I traveled to Washington, DC and attended another book and print auction at Quinn's Auction Gallery. We purchased some interesting items, including 4 shelves of Swedish books by Strindberg which she is going to use in her grave-rubbing quilt show next February. I'm not sure what she is going to do, but I know it will be incredibly cleaver. On Friday, Susan had her Artist's Way art day while I ventured with my bike on the Mt. Vernon Bike trail. She dropped me off at Dunn Loring and I rode all the way (finally) to Mount Vernon and back to Old Town Alexandria where she picked me up, had lunch, and visited The Torpedo Factory. Later I collapsed from a splitting sinus headache in our hotel room but made a complete recovery and drove back to SC on Saturday. The bike ride was approximately 30 miles in 90+ degree temperatures, and the weather was glorious. I have included some pictures of my journey. I still want to ride the complete W @OD trail from Purcellville, Va to DC., and Susan still refuses to ride with me!!

View of the boat launch at Mount Vernon taken from the bike trail (click to enlarge). You can catch various Potomac River cruises from Alexandria to Mount Vernon and visit the estate. I am about 1.5 miles from the terminus of the trail. The last .75 miles is all uphill and very challenging, especially when you have already rode 20+ miles!!

Another view of the Potomac River with Mount Vernon on the right side (click to enlarge)

This is a charming! self-portrait of yours truly taken at the end of the Mt. Vernon Trail. Notice the red face! I did use a lot of 50+ sunscreen as ordered by my doctor.


Wanda said...

You are my biking hero!! I would ride with you even though I've never gone 30 miles. But I've never gone all afternoon riding, let alone all day so I'm pretty sure I could make it!

Linda of the Lake said...

So glad to read of your adventures. You and Wanda used to go to concerts together as I recall and now you share the biking bug, albeit half a world away. Glad you have blogs to keep records to share. Can hardly wait to see you two in HHI.


Great self portrait!