Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Terrace Oaks Mall Move-in Complete

Above are views of the new upstairs space that we have rented in Terrace Oaks Mall. Yours truly is standing and marveling at the wonderful hanging job by Susan. (click to enlarge)

We have officially moved into our new space at Terrace Oaks Antique Mall. Originally the move was planned in October when I returned from England, but due to a scheduling snafu on my part, we moved in last Friday. We now have a room where we sell framed mirrors, antiquarian prints and linens. The move-in frees up wall space that will allow me to feature more of Susan's artwork. The "sales area" room is to be painted while Susan is in Austria and will be a focal point for her artwork. We will still offer a fabulous selection of framed beveled and unbeveled mirrors, as well as more framed antiquarian prints. Updates on available framed prints will be posted in the next several weeks.

A view of our upstairs former bathroom area. In Susan's former life as a more than full-time framer, she actually took picture framing orders and even had a nice selection of mat corners! Now it is a nice storage area filled with antique framed art.

Above is a view of the stairwell area at Terrace Oaks Mall which is filled with our framed art.


Wanda said... guys really did a great job! It looks wonderful! And there's your work all over the place!!! That's cool. I'm sure Terrace Oaks Mall is very happy that you guys moved in. And I think you'll be very happy with all the space! Nice


Fantastic, and they are, I am sure, very happy to have you at Terrace Oaks! Looks wonderful!