Sunday, February 3, 2013

Accident Parasites

Self-portrait of me at Stonehenge, UK, late June, 2012

No, the above picture has nothing to do with parasites!  I just like to take self-portraits of myself when I travel.  The incident with parasites occurred this week.  I am still recovering from my moped accident from 12 days ago.  As Susan told me the night of the accident, it looks like I'll get nothing from the lady that hit me unless I sue.  Her contact number only allows outgoing calls, and her driver's license lists an old address where I'm quite sure no forwarding address was given to the Post Office.  I know with a little effort, me or my lawyer (for a fee) could track her down and serve her papers for the damaged moped.  I wonder what the "blue book" value of a 4 year old moped that cost $1800 is?  I also know that if you sue someone with nothing, you get nothing in return, i.e., "you can't get blood from a turnip".

Now for the parasite angle of this post.  Last Wednesday I got a call from out of the blue asking me if I was still healing from my accident and whether I still needed to see a doctor.  The caller asked if I was dizzy, if my back hurt, etc., etc.  They were willing to make an appointment at their clinic, take x-rays, etc. and send the bill to the person that hit me.  When I told them I was sore but OK, he politely said goodbye.  One minute later his supervisor called back and offered the same thing over again.  When I declined, he said that "he was going to take me off their list".  I thought "what list"?  When I told Susan about the phone call she laughed and said, "your accident is public record.  They probably pay people to monitor all traffic accidents to see if they can make a quick buck".  This was confirmed by Jerry next door who told me lawyers do the same thing (not him, he said!).  He called them "parasites".  I asked him if I would have accepted their offer and received medical treatment, could they come after me to pay the bills if she couldn't pay?  Absolutely!!  What a scam!!  It is no wonder why our medical insurance is so high in this country.  Too many people want something for nothing!  I am very thankful I survived with only a few bruises.

Susan drove the new licensed and insured moped today and did not like how slow it is in comparison to the old one.  It's fast enough for me.  One more week until Philadelphia!

Royal Albert Hall from Hyde Park in London, UK, late June, 2012.

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Wanda said...

I am glad to hear that your bumps and bruises are getting better. I know when I crashed on my bicycle, it took a little while for the aches and pains from it to heal. Of course, falling on the exact same wounds 2 weeks later didn't help at all but I did eventually heal. Wow...the phone call sounds like it was one of those commercials made by lawyers where they are annoying when they tell you that they can help you. I am very glad that you said no. I actually can't imagine that you would have said yes. And yes...everyone wants something and usually for nothing. It's so sad that there are people like that lady running around. Even over here where everyone has a governemental registered address, it doesn't work. Scumbags are scumbags and and they tend to stay that way. I am so glad that it wasn't any worse and that you are okay. Sue will get used to the new moped. In time, she won't even notice that it is 'slower' than the old one because sooner or later it will be normal. Sort of like a new apartment with weak water pressure in the shower. Sooner or later, it doesn't seem that weak. The only time you notice it is when you overnight someplace else that has awesome water pressure then come home to the weak drip-like pressure!!! ha ha Keep smiling and have a great day!