Saturday, February 16, 2013

Observations from Philadelphia

Today is the opening day of the Buyers Market of American Craft in Philadelphia.  Susan is one of hundreds of exhibitors at this three-day event.  She has already posted about this on her blog.  My job consists of being a very overdressed delivery boy and sometimes security guard.   I play the role well.  I am not really needed since Susan can easily sell herself without me hanging around.  The show is an amazing learning curve for us.  We probably do not belong in a wholesale market, and we probably will not take any orders for her work.  HOWEVER, there has already been some interest from several galleries about representation and other high-end venues to sell.  This is the most important part of our journey to craft shows.

I dismissed myself from Susan and took the train back to the hotel so I could make this short post.  The mass transit system in Philly is excellent!  The downtown area is wonderful and architecturally stunning.  The grand hall of the Reading Terminal took my breathe away.  The Reading Market is eye candy to your stomach.  Tonight is the Niche Awards ceremony at the Convention.  Susan is a finalist in the Decorative Fibers category (she won this award in 2011).  I'll journey back to meet her at 6PM.  Tomorrow I hope to visit the city more since I do not have to hold her hand while she self-promotes herself.  I will hopefully borrow her camera and take pictures.  We will back up after 4PM on Monday, stay overnight and make the long 600+ mile drive to Columbia on Tuesday.


Wanda said...

The whole experience sounds like an excellent one. Sometimes you have to learn what you DON'T want to find out better what you do. I think Susan is very happy with gallery interest. That way, she can create from the mind and not from the order slip. Glad you like Philly...who would have guessed? Have fun! I'm going now to the Niche Award site to see the outcome from last night

Susan Lenz said...

As you know, I DID write TWO orders ... and I have a $1000 minimum. Thank goodness I won the "Merit Award" that covers the booth rent since my sales don't quite cover the amount that I would otherwise have had to pay! Maybe more sales today! Who knows. As you also know, I didn't win the Niche Award but that's okay ... we are learning a lot and making some excellent connections!