Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blooming Azaleas

We have some strange azalea plants in the front of The Mouse House. They do not bloom during the early spring. They sometimes bloom in May, July, and occasionally a lone blossom appears out of the blue in the fall, like the one I saw today and photographed. The picture does not do the blossom justice; its solitary existence is quite striking, surreal, and beautiful.

(click to enlarge)

This past week I had the pleasure of creating three hugh mirrors for the Forest Lake Club in Columbia. They were picked up on Saturday and probably hung today. I took pictures but they turned out awful. As everyone knows in my family, and they don't let me forget it, I am generally a lousy photographer. But practice make perfect so I continue to snap pictures in hopes of creating one good image. I am leaving for Hilton Head on Friday to spend the weekend with Linda, Henry and Ann Feller. I am also delivering a framing order to the island, and thus the rental car becomes a business deduction. Nice!! We are going to Magiamo's on Saturday to hopefully watch our beloved Buckeyes annihilate the Nittny Lions of Penn State. This restaurant is a must for all Ohio State fans visiting Hilton Head. The head Mouse returns from her island paradise in Maine in nine days. We expect to be quite busy in November.


Wanda said...

Don't you stop taking pictures! Your fotos are NOT lousy and they are greatly appreciated. My fotos aren't always great either but at least they give people an idea of what I'm talking about! Have fun on the island..the Ohio State place looks like great fun! I've heard about it often. I'm sure it's been a lonely 5 weeks for you without Head Mouse. And I'm sure November will be very busy...as always!! I mailed my ATC the other day. I hope you get it soon.

Susan said...

Beautiful photo! Keep clicking! Great blog post! Have fun in Hilton Head and call me with game updates since I don't have television here on Westport Island. I'm not looking forward to all the framing work but I'm very much looking forward to seeing you soon!
Your Mousewife


Nice photo.....but no Shout Out to your sister Sonya for her birthday!?!?!?

Wanda said...

OK Steve...no since in having a blog if you don't post something new now and then!


Looking forward to your next entry!!!