Sunday, October 12, 2008

Results of Utility Van Auction

As you know, Our utility van recently died. Specifically, the transmission went kaput. No one I knew wanted to buy it, although I probably could have junked it for several hundred dollars. I decided to give it to ETV as a charitable deduction and have them auction auction it off. Yesterday I received a letter with the amount that it sold at their auction. It went for $1800.00!!! I am amazed! Maybe I should have tried to sell it; however, I have no regrets. I don't have to give them any money for awhile, and I like to support their organization. Hopefully, I'll see it around Columbia in the near future.

I have finished all the inside painting that I wanted to tackle. Weather permitting, I'll move outside and do some touch-up painting around the windows and side of the house. Linda and Henry and close family friend Ann Feller are coming to Hilton Head this weekend and are planning to stop for a visit. The following weekend I will be joining them in Hilton Head. I've rented a car since I am not quite up to a road trip on a Moped. Maybe someday!


Susan said...

WOW! Some fool paid that much for the van! Perhaps two transmission repairmen were bidding against one another or the parts could be sold off separately! Who knows! It went to a very good cause.

One day we'll have a pair of mopeds and we'll go on some amazing road trip! I promise!
Your Mousewife!

Wanda said...

ha ha you two.....a "moped road trip"????? ha ha ha OK...I know the blog entries would be wonderful! parts are BIG BUSINESS!!! You might not actually see the van but parts of it could be all over the tri-state area!! Great auction and great cause!! I'm glad you will get to hang with Mom/Dad/Anne for alittle while. And glad to hear you are keeping busy...although I would imagine you miss your mousewife terribly!!


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