Monday, October 6, 2008

Katie's Room is Finished

A view of one of the walls before the painting. Notice those sexy legs in the mirror!

I've spent the last week painting the left back gallery room. Before we downsized, this area was a work area where employees cut fillet and applied powdered panels and French lines to mats. We have affectionately called this room "Katie's room" in honor of our last employee. The room became a nice viewing area for mirrors, Susan's Fiber Arts, and antiquarian prints but really needed an update. The walls had not seen fresh paint since the gut restoration of 1990. The room is really bright now and complements the right gallery room (Susan's work area). I hate to put holes in the walls and hang mirrors and artwork. I conned Susan to help me hang the gallery completely when she returns from Maine (if she comes back!).

A view of the same wall after painting.

The little room near the back door is next. I'll let the next owners of this building clean and replace the counter tops and sink area. Fourteen years of washing paint brushes, cleaning rapidograph pens, and other such artistic horrors have taken its toll on the poor stainless steel sink.



Wanda said...

Hey Steve...this is a GREAT site! I love it! I haven't seen the inside of your house/store for years. What a treat. The outside looks so beautiful. You've really worked hard at everything. I remember the first time I was there...Susan said look for the house with the big columns. I had no idea columns could be that big! I've subscribed to your blog so I will get updates. I'll look things over again more carefully and response to other posts later! Love - Wanda

Susan said...

Love the post! Love the photos! Love the idea of never returning home but I guess I have to hang those pristine walls with mirrors and other merchandise!