Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rare Sale at The Mouse House

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I can count on one hand the number of times The Mouse House has had a sale in its 20 year existence. We don't believe in sales. We price our merchandise at fair and reasonable (we think) prices. We don't discount, except to licensed retail dealers with a valid resale license, where we offer a complimentary 10% discount on framed mirrors, artwork, and antiquarian prints. The few times that we did have a sale were in conjunction with unusual events: first time we opened up on a Friday after Thanksgiving (a bust!); the month we moved out of Terrace Oaks Antique Mall in July, 2002 after 12 years ( a real merchandise liquidation sale... we have sinced returned to Terrace Oaks in 2005 when the mall changed owners with framed antiquarian prints and large Audubon reproduction birds. Terrace Oaks Mall is a wonderful place to shop for antiques and, of course, our merchandise in Charleston.); and when I paint downstairs gallery rooms. While Susan is in Maine, I am going to tackle a few more rooms that have not seen new paint since 1990. So until October 30, all FRAMED MIRRORS in the gallery will be DISCOUNTED 20%. You may have to walk around drop clothes and ladders and breathe in paint fumes, but there will be some exceptional values to be had. Normal business hours will be maintained as best as possible, and I may not be answering the phones regurarly. Please leave messages as they will be returned and times when you want to come and shop.

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Nice Blog Steve...makes me wish I had time to get back to mine! Great photos! Hope you are large without your honey (hey, stop eating all your dinners at Hooters!!) hehe