Friday, September 26, 2008

Bye Bye Van

Since 1989, The Mouse House has owned a white utility GM van. In our first van the passenger seat had to be added as an option, and we had to install an old Blue Bird Bus bench seat in the back to transport our infant children legally (at least sometimes). We even took my mom (deceased in 1998) to Charleston in June 1989, who volunteered to sit on a pillow in the back (the bench seat only had one seat belt for Mathias' car seat). I found out later that she was not too happy with me (another long story!).

We went through 4 utility vans over the next 18 years and drove each one of them until they fell apart. They were perfect for our business. Susan and I decided this year that the one we owned was going to be our last. I was hoping that it would make it until Susan returned from Maine at the end of Oct. (check out her blog), but the transmission decided to fail in Charleston two days before we left for Maine, with Susan driving. She did managed to drive back to Columbia without reverse and 1st gear (a "Little Miss Sunshine" moment for sure). No one wanted the van, and therefore I decide to donate it to ETV/NPR. This relieved my guilt of not donating any money to this wonderful organization in the last two years. I hope it sells and will let you know what it brings. My mode of transportation for the next 5 weeks is Susan's blue moped. I hope it stays dry.


Susan said...

Lovely post! Thanks for taking care of the van while I'm in Maine. It wasn't dry here last night. We lost power sometime after the debate. There's a generator for the big chandelier in the foyer but otherwise it is REALLY, REALLY dark here! You'd love it. I loved it. Miss you!
Your Mousewife Susan


Please....wear a helmet!