Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visit to Dingman's Falls, PA

Welcome center at Dingman's Falls, located in the Delaware Water Gap National Park.

View of Dingman's Falls, PA

Another view of Dingman's Falls. This view is very similar to the woodblock engraving that appears in Picturesque America, published in 1874-5.

Steve in front of the road sign at Dingman's Ferry. Andrew Dingman may be a long-lost relative!

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Susan said...

Hi Honey!
Lovely, lovely blog post! You did great! Everything is beyond wonderful here....except one tiny thing....which I know you can "fix". Please email me the folder called Gallery 80808 Contacts....or something like this. Also, please FedEx to me the Firelite. I think it is the only thing I forgot! I need the information in the folder tomorrow, however, as I have to update the Gallery 80808 blog using it! Thanks so much!
Your Mousewife!